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Sydenstricker School Volunteer Program is Closed Due to COVID 19

Sydenstricker School Volunteer Program - a person who, working under staff supervision, donates his or her time to assist with activities that enhance instruction, promote learning and social activities.

Parent Volunteer Program Goals:
The goal of Sydenstricker School Volunteer Program is to enable dedicated parents to assist administrators, teachers and other school personnel in helping young people more fully develop their academic skills, their potential as individuals and their mastery of social skills. Supervised volunteers assist school personnel in three major ways:

  • helping students through activities that enhance their self-concepts, provide successful educational experiences and motivate them to learn
  • aiding school staff members by enabling them to provide effective reinforcement activities and enrich the curriculum
  • strengthening school-community relationships by increasing opportunites for communication, learning more about the school curriculum and sharing time and talent with the school

Parent Volunteers help in many areas. They provide classroom or general service help during snacks, answering phones in the office, assist on the playground, assist with field trips, extracurricular activities, bilingual translating; share special musical skills as playing the piano or serve as a career speaker.

Sydenstricker School Parent Volunteer Responsibilities and Obligations:
Parent Volunteers play an important role in both social and academic efforts and are welcome additions to Sydenstricker School. However, volunteers must abide by these responsibilities and obligations:

    Must be approved by the Director and serve in a classroom designated by the administration.
  • Be on time for your duty. The teacher and students rely on you. If you must be absent, notify the school by e-mail as soon as possible.
  • Be discreet. Treat all information as confi dential. Make no statement outside the school regarding students, personnel or school programs.
  • Be willing to serve under professional supervision and direction.
  • Be capable of adjusting to the teacher’s way of doing things. Follow directions at all times.
  • Make any suggestions or discuss any problems in private with the teacher, director or volunteer coordinator.
  • Become familiar with school and classroom policies, practices and emergency procedures.
  • Work toward a team relationship and environment.
  • Always remember that a volunteer is never considered a substitute for a school staff member.

Sydenstricker School Vision
We envision that Sydenstricker School will be a thriving, dynamic and inspiring educational environment that produces excellent young learners and stimulates our young citizens to trust in, invest in and succeed from learning to read, study and be motivated from the “Sydenstricker” educational experience and atmosphere.

Volunteer Forms

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