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COVID-19 Phase 3 Guidelines

Sydenstricker School is resuming operations albeit on a limited basis. We do have a summer program, but will not reach full capacity. The guidance we are given to proceed regarding COVID-19 and MIS-C (Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children) is provided by Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS), Virginia Department of Health (VDH), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), along with State and Federal input. (We do not fall under FCPS, so their guidance does not directly affect us.) These resources will provide us the information necessary to continue our best safe practices.


Some families are choosing to keep their children home under isolation, and others are ready to move forward, albeit cautiously. We recognize that not all parents have the ability to stay home with their children as they slowly return to work. We completely understand and support all of you and your decisions. As the country starts to move towards a new normal, we are doing the same at Sydenstricker. We will continue to provide a clean, safe and healthy environment for our children and staff.


These guidelines cover Phase 3 for re-opening. These guidelines will be updated as needed.


The Infection Control Form that was part of the enrollment packet has been updated to reflect VDSS guidance regarding COVID-19 language and scenarios for exclusion at our center. You will be required to read, sign, date and submit this form when your child returns or attends Sydenstricker School.


Travel during pandemic

If you travel outside of the state or to a known hotspot, you will be asked to notify us so we are aware.

If you travel outside of the country, your child can return after the appropriate isolation period.


Positive COVID-19/MIS-C Procedures (VDSS Guidelines)

We will notify the local health department, our licensing inspector and follow all recommendations if there is confirmation of a positive case of COVID-19/MIS-C. We will make sure to keep a list of all individuals who may have come in contact with the infected person if notifications are needed. The epidemiology department within the VDH will take the lead on guidance as far as a potential closure, duration of closure; whether it means the class of the infected person/staff or the entire school.

Staff or children with fever of 100.4į F or higher, cough, or shortness of breath must be excluded from child care facilities and isolated from others. Children with household members who are known to have COVID-19/MIS-C should be excluded from the child care facility until they are cleared to return by a medical doctor.

If children, staff, or parents develop COVID-19 symptoms, VDSS recommends that child care programs follow the guidance of the CDC, VDH, and federal and state officials.



Parents will be asked about any illnesses in the home or any recent travel

Drop-off will take place on the front porch

Parents will not be allowed in the building unless there is an emergency

All staff and children will have their temperature taken before entering the building

Every child will wash their hands before entering the classroom

Face coverings for children are optional. They will not wear them outside while playing.


Staff changes:

Staff members will wear face coverings per the Governorís guidance.

Staff will be re-trained on new health and safety protocols that are specific to Sydenstricker.


Classroom setting changes:

12 people per room ages 3 and under, maximum 16 people per room for ages 4 and above to include the teacher(s). Sydenstricker will never reach maximum allowance of 22 people per room. Adult:child ratios will be maintained (Phase 3 VDSS guidance).

Access to toys will be limited, rotated and cleaned more frequently

Access to books will be limited, rotated and cleaned more frequently

All soft toys (baby dolls/stuffies) will be eliminated

Children will remain in their assigned rooms for the day, to include the extended care portion of the day.

Children will participate in smaller groups within their whole classroom group

Children will be reminded about personal space and staying in their bubbles. Something we have always worked on.

It may not always be possible to be 6í feet apart and guidance recognizes this difficult task while working with young children.

Children may bring a water bottle that is clearly labeled with their name. The water bottle will be returned each day to be properly cleaned at home in a dishwasher.


Playground setting changes:

The playground will be divided in half to allow play of multiple classes. The children will be required to play with the children assigned to their class only. Outside time will remain the same. They will wash hands before and after play.



This practice will be maintained as we have always done in the past. Frequent hand washing is the key to good health! The use of gloves by staff for food related tasks will remain in place. We will continue to teach how to cover a cough, no touching of faces and fingers in the nose and mouth; how to use a tissue to blow our nose. The list goes on, but we canít do it without your support.


*These policies and practices are subject to change*


Inclement Weather Policy

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Due to inclement weather or other emergency situations, it may be necessary to close our school for the entire day, to open late, or to close early. The procedures used in school closings are detailed below. Keep this information in a convenient location for future reference.

Parents are urged to make arrangements now for the care of their children when schedule changes are made (and to provide for the rare situation when it is necessary to close school because of a power failure, high winds or other circumstances).

Decisions on schedule changes are made after careful study of the best information available from many sources including weather services, the highway department, the police, and Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) transportation staff members who are out checking the roads. While no sources dealing with weather predictions can be infallible, decisions are made with one overriding consideration - the safety of the students!

When the decision is made that school will be closed all day or will open two hours late, the announcement will be made by 5:30am whenever possible. On some occasions, the school system has been able to make a scheduling decision the day before so that parents, staff members, and students know what will happen the following day. This usually happens when precipitation is already on the ground and the temperatures are such that the precipitation on the ground is frozen or will refreeze.

Two (2) hour delay - If FCPS has issued a 2 hour delay, Sydenstricker School will begin school and classes at 9:00am.

Two (2) hour early release - If FCPS decides to close the schools early, we too will close early. This decision will be made by 10:30am that day. We will end classes at 1:00pm and there will be no evening daycare. You will need to pick up your child or have an emergency back up person pick up your child as soon as possible. Please check our website throughout the morning if the weather is questionable.

If Fairfax County Public Schools are closed then Sydenstricker School will be closed.

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