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Inclement Weather Policy
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Due to inclement weather or other emergency situations, it may be necessary to close our school for the entire day, to open late, or to close early. The procedures used in school closings are detailed below. Keep this information in a convenient location for future reference.

Parents are urged to make arrangements now for the care of their children when schedule changes are made (and to provide for the rare situation when it is necessary to close school because of a power failure, high winds or other circumstances).

Decisions on schedule changes are made after careful study of the best information available from many sources including weather services, the highway department, the police, and Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) transportation staff members who are out checking the roads. While no sources dealing with weather predictions can be infallible, decisions are made with one overriding consideration - the safety of the students!

When the decision is made that school will be closed all day or will open two hours late, the announcement will be made by 5:30am whenever possible. On some occasions, the school system has been able to make a scheduling decision the day before so that parents, staff members, and students know what will happen the following day. This usually happens when precipitation is already on the ground and the temperatures are such that the precipitation on the ground is frozen or will refreeze.

Two (2) hour delay - If FCPS has issued a 2 hour delay, Sydenstricker School will begin school and classes at 9:00am.

Two (2) hour early release - If FCPS decides to close the schools early, we too will close early. This decision will be made by 10:30am that day. We will end classes at 1:00pm and there will be no evening daycare. You will need to pick up your child or have an emergency back up person pick up your child as soon as possible. Please check our website throughout the morning if the weather is questionable.

If Fairfax County Public Schools are closed then Sydenstricker School will be closed.

This site was last modified on February 6, 2017.