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1. How old does my child have to be to attend your school?

We care for children between three and the first grade. Occasionally, exceptions can be made for two-year-olds with fall birthdays.  We do require that all children are toilet trained, as we do not have the facilities required for diaper changing. That being said, we understand that children do have accidents and ask that you bring in an extra set of clothing for them, should the need arise.

2. Do you provide transportation?

We do not provide transportation for our students. As part of our  partnership with parents in the education and development of their children, we like to have contact with their families on a daily basis.  This way, successes, concerns, or fun anecdotes of the day can be shared.

3. What about field trips?

As a school and by individual classes, we take approximately two "school" trips a year and several "class" trips. The transportation for these trips is provided by the parents, so the number of trips may fluctuate with the availability of transportation.

4. I think my child is ready for kindergarten, but they just missed the cutoff date. Any options?

We will group our students according to age and ability and place them accordingly. Many times this means having those October and November birthdays in Kindergarten. Often these children place into first grade within the public school system. Upon writing our recommendations, we carefully look at academic progress and maturity level. Our goal is not to push children ahead, but to keep them happy and challenged.

5. What are your teacher's qualifications?

Most of our staff members have a Bachelor's Degree. All teachers are required to take at least 16 hours of continuing early childhood education. We encourage and support as much training as an employee might want to pursue. It just makes us a better school and enriches the lives of the children. We also require that staff are trained yearly in CPR, First Aid and Health Screening.

6. Can I come in and help?

Our school community includes a parent partnership. We want parents to feel comfortable coming in and visiting our school. We have parents who volunteer for arts and crafts, to visit for lunch, as substitutes, and holiday/cultural sharing. If you have an idea of how you would like to be part of your child's classroom, let us know!

7. How about snacks and lunch?

Due to diversity, allergies, and dietary perspectives we have our families pack lunch for their children. We send what is left over back home in the lunch bag. This way, parents can pack what their children will like, and know how much they're eating.

Snacks are served in the morning and afternoon. Families take turns providing snack for their child's class on a rotating schedule (typically 2 to 3 times per year). If you need easy, healthy ideas, let us know.

8. How about......?

If you have another question, please e-mail or call us at

Sydenstricker School
7001 Sydenstricker Road
Springfield, VA 22152
Phone: (703) 451-4141

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