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Celebrating 57 Years of Excellence in Education
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About Us

Sydenstricker was opened to create a place of adventure and discovery for children, thus preparing them for the learning years ahead and to help make a smooth transition into public and private school systems. Ever since 1966 this spot on Sydenstricker Road has been a unique and happy place for children to learn and grow at their own pace. The staff, under the direction of school founder Mrs. Lore Araujo, has provided a clean, loving and nurturing environment for all children and we constantly promote a strong parent-teacher partnership. Our school does no formal advertising, we rely on our excellent reputation in the community and positive word of mouth.

We offer classes for Pre-school children (age 3) through kindergarten, full or part-time. Our hours of operation for the 2020-21 school terms are 8:00a- 5:00p, Monday-Friday. All classes are in-person instruction. Our students are placed on their ages and abilities. Looking at kindergarten readiness, we evaluate skill level and maturity; the September 30 th cutoff date does not necessarily apply to our kindergarten class. Our Fairfax County colleagues are familiar with the quality of the student we send to their schools.

Sydenstricker School uses the A Beka curriculum. After much investigation, we chose this curriculum for its heavy focus on phonics instruction and integration of concepts throughout subject areas. No curriculum, however, can take the place of trained, experienced teachers. Our teachers use their own knowledge of successful hands-on activities and investigation to create meaningful, learning experiences. We offer an exciting and fun music program that encompasses singing, dancing, and fun for all students.

Our School celebrates the diversity of our students and staff. We strive to share our cultures and learn from each other, as well as make any necessary accommodations for our students. Our open door policy encourages parents to join us in our classrooms; reading a story, working on a craft, or doing show-and-tell are always welcome!

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